About our Partnership

Rincon Technology and Vecima Networks Inc. combine Vecima’s leading edge Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) and Video products, with Rincon’s professional services, global reach and optical expertise. The partnership provides operators the most innovative and affordable remote PHY platform on the market, by enabling more cost-effective and robust distributed access architectures.

Rincon's range of optical solutions drive down maintenance, warranty and other operating expenses. When coupled with Vecima's flexible remote PHY and MAC-PHY technology, operators are able to use a single source for all traditional & forward-looking data requirements. 

  • Distributed DOCSIS & Direct Ethernet

  • Extend the capacity of fiber networks without requiring new fibers

  • Deliver HD/SD commercial video content to Hospitality, Healthcare, and MDUs

  • Maintain bulk customer afters analog reclamation

  • Deliver more free-to-guest HD content in hospitality locations

  • Provide high speed Ethernet connections over existing coaxial cabling in MDU, hospitality and commercial locations

  • Provide cost effective deliver of free-to-guest digital video entertainment to MDUs and hospitality accounts



The Entra Access Switch is a remote cloud managed, 8 port x 10 GbE weatherproof switch capable of supporting Carrier Ethernet services in almost any deployment environment. It is designed to extend the capacity of networks with insufficient fibers while minimizing the use of expensive DWDM optics. Capital expenditure costs are significantly reduced for: short run fiber extension, deep fiber distributed access deployments and business services extension. Support for IEEE 1588v2 timing provides capability for mobile network backhaul as well as DOCSIS 3.1 distributed access aggregation. The Entra Access Switch will ensure maximum ROI from your existing short and long range fiber links.

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The Entra Legacy QAM Adapter (LQA) accepts RF from existing Edge QAM equipment, demodulates the QAM carriers, encapsulates in R-DEPI, RTP or UDP and provides unicast/multicast MPTS over Ethernet to the Access Node for re-modulation to RF. The LQA allows operators to leverage the existing installed edge QAM infrastructure for R-PHY and R-MACPHY deployments. The LQA minimizes new headend equipment, mitigates interoperability risk, and easily supports mixed deployments of centralized and distributed access.


The Entra Distributed Access Platform is Vecima’s realization of the next generation of HFC nodes optimized to support all distributed access architectures and facilitate the delivery of existing video and data services over hybrid fiber coax (HFC) and direct Ethernet connections. Entra’s flexible node architecture can target any MDU setting: DOCSIS 3.1 in existing coax buildings or direct Ethernet for business. Entra’s numerous use cases include High Speed Internet, Deep Ethernet switching, Ethernet/business services aggregation, and Hospitality/IPTV. Entra combines the newest technology and operational improvements in an environmentally-hardened Ethernet-first Access Node. In addition, interoperability with CCAP cores from other vendors is an integral part of Vecima’s evolution of Entra.



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The Terrace DVB Commercial Video Gateway is a multi-channel DVB-C (QAM) to DVB-T (COFDM) or DVB-C (QAM) decrypting transmodulator used for business to business commercial video applications. Demodulated MPEG transport streams are decrypted by DVB CAM technology and then re-modulated to the desired DVB‑T/C channel.


The Terrace TC600E MDU gateway is a multi-channel digital to analog RF converter with support for MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 content from QAM and IP(1)sources. The TC600E accepts any combination of up to 36 QAM channels and up to 36 Multicast or Unicast IP(1) streams up to a maximum total input bitrate of 940 Mbps. Up to 36 programs sourced from the QAM inputs can be decrypted using 6 Multi-Stream CableCARDs™. Multicast and Unicast IP streams must not be encrypted. The TC600E can decode up to 36 MPEG-2 HD/SD, 36 MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 SD, or 24 MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 HD programs, and output up to 36 NTSC analog channels. The Terrace TC600E is a flexible, compact and cost effective way to bring a digital lineup back into the analog realm for a commercial or MDU bulk account.


The Terrace QAM Hospitality Gateway is a multi-channel QAM to QAM transcryptor for use in the hospitality industry. Demodulated MPEG transport streams are decrypted by CableCARDs then either re-encrypted using Pro:Idiom® technology or left in the clear. The MPEG transport streams are re-modulated and then delivered to the desired RF channel.


Terrace View provides a proactive global monitoring and automated reporting system for MSOs with a significant installed base of Terrace commercial video products. Monitor alarms, CableCARD information, channel lineups and device information (serial number, IP addresses, MAC addresses, etc). Critical management operations (upgrade, reboot, debug dump) can be scheduled and/or performed remotely.

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The Portico is a high capacity DOCSIS 3.0 mini-CMTS optimized for Ethernet over Coax (EoC) applications, Portico is a turnkey solution that can be easily deployed over existing coaxial cabling in MDU, hospitality and commercial locations to provide high speed connections for up to 432 (DOCSIS 3.0) concurrent cable modems. Portico has a built in DHCP/TFTP server and is also DOCSIS 2.0 compatible.

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The Concierge CG12M2+ IP to QAM is an Edge QAM solution that can easily be integrated into the headend to extend digital network infrastructures. The CG12M2+ converts clear or pre-encrypted IP content to QAM.


The Concierge CG12M4+ IP to QAM is a cost effective gateway solution for delivery of Free-to-Guest digital video entertainment over CATV networks. The CG12M4+ accepts clear or pre-encrypted IP content, further encrypts the content with Pro:Idiom® technology and outputs as QAM.



The CableVista IP to Analog Edge Decoder performs MPEG decoding, modulation and upconversion for up to 24 NTSC or 12 PAL channels in a compact 1 RU chassis. The CableVista supports a variety of output card types in the same chassis including: Baseband NTSC/PAL, RF NTSC/PAL, RF NTSC with Off Air Reference and MPEG MPTS Pass Through to ITU J.83 Annex B QAM (64/256) RF. The CableVista provides customers with the highest degree of flexibility available. With numerous redundancy features, hot-swappable components and flexible software, the CableVista is the key element in today’s Digital Simulcast network.


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