Rincon distinguishes itself from other OEMs, VARs, Integrator and Brokers in one way, their trade deals
— EVP Engineering, Tier 1 Carrier

Because of our hybrid business model, we provide new and used equipment as well services, we can structure deals that no one else can do. Our favorite thing is when we are able to combine the buy side and the sell side of the house together for trade.  These deals often involve no cash for our customers! In essence, we use surplus equipment as currency toward purchasing needed equipment (new or used) or services.  As an example, we recently helped a carrier purchase Juniper core routers by taking in their surplus Cisco route processor cards as credit toward the Juniper purchase.  Read more here https://rincon-technology.squarespace.com/casestudy4/

Rincon can work across various OEMs and technologies to get creative in putting a deal together since we are vendor agnostic and cover such a wide variety of equipment.