“Rincon partners with leading edge OEMs to introduce disruptive technologies to our customers. We then craft Investment Recovery programs that fund investments in this new technology by monetizing these customers prior network investments. This approach to technology migration, coupled with Vecima’s array of video platforms, enables operators to meet the insatiable bandwidth of their customers in a way that often takes no additional capital, reduces operating costs, and mitigates the environmental impact of network expansion.”
— Michael Bartling, EVP of Sales

About our Partnership 

Vecima Networks Inc. (TSX: VCM) and Rincon have formalized a partnership that will combine Vecima’s leading edge Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) and Video products, with Rincon’s professional services, global reach and optical expertise. The partnership provides operators the most innovative and affordable remote PHY platform on the market, by enabling more cost-effective and robust distributed access architectures.

Rincon's range of optical solutions drive down maintenance, warranty and other operating expenses. When coupled with Vecima's flexible remote PHY and MAC-PHY technology, operators are able to use a single source for all traditional & forward-looking data requirements.