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About our Partnership

Rincon Technology and ECI Telecom have your network covered from start to finish

Modern networks have unique requirements that make them more complex than networks of the past. As the number of services has increased and the demand for bandwidth has exploded, network operators are faced with difficult decisions about how to grow and evolve their networks economically with limited available resources. For this reason, Rincon and ECI have joined forces to offer best-in-class solutions that are optimized for modern networks. ECI offers the perfect solutions for service providers of every size.

  • Packet-optical transport solutions supporting the optimal mix of packet and optical features for your applications

  • Packet services supported include Layer 2/3 VPNs, MPLS, and Layer 1 switching via OTN

  • Optical solutions include up to 400Gbps transport, metro to long haul optimization, and optional OTN switching fabrics that can support efficient transport of TDM, LAN/WAN, SAN and other services

  • End-to-end NMS with simple, user friendly point and click GUI, unified multi-layer network management

All with pay-as-you-grow architecture and design options – enabling shorter time to revenue and a more elastic overall solution for future networks.


Packet Optical Transport Products


Apollo (OPT): Optical Transport with Packet Services (scalable, high-density, and energy-efficient solutions from the access to the core) 

  • CPE platforms extend solutions to the network edge

  • Adaptive 400G transmission

  • 16T OTN/packet switching

Neptune (NPT): Packet Transport with Integrated Optics (multiservice platform - support diverse service needs on the right-size platform)

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  • Able to support packet, OTN, optical, and TDM transport.

  • Packet services, such as MEF CE 2.0 services, L3 VPNs, and L2 VPN, can be transported using IP-MPLS, MPLS-TP, and segment routing.

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Mercury™ NFV: Enabling virtualized network functions at the mobile edge, at the customer premises, and in the network as an edge cloud

LightSOFT®:ECI’s industry-leading network management system (NMS)

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LightPULSE:  Allows service providers to accurately understand and monitor optical impairments in real time

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MUSE™:  A modular suite of applications that lets you get the most out of the network, to create and turn up new services rapidly, and to ensure the network is optimized, available, and running at peak efficiency.